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About The Awards

Founded in 2017, Solar Future Today Visionary Influencers Awards have been honouring Visionary Individuals who made a significant impact on Solar & Cleantech Policy, Business or Awareness over the Year, or for their Lifetime Achievements.


In 2021, the Awards powered by CleanTech Business Club, became the World CleanTech Awards to honour not only Visionary Individuals but also Visionary “Well-established Companies” & StartUps that Pave The Way for CleanTech Transformation during The CleanTech Decade.

In 2022 we united at the World CleanTech Awards Black-Time Ceremony in W Dubai Palm Hotel as we firmly believe that by being UNITED by our Passion and the Power of our DNAs we can and must further drive together THE Positive Change, despite geopolitical dynamics and global turbulences as #TogetherWeAreStronger.


The World CleanTech Awards - Edition 2022 Winners & Distinctions’ Recipients will officially be revealed and awarded during the Awards Black-Tie Gala Ceremony held on January 15, 2023, in Conrad Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, Under The Oculus Venue.

The Ceremony will be held on the occasion of the 6th CleanTech Business Club Annual Leadership Forum “Empowering Together The CleanTech Decade!” and World Future Energy Summit 2023.

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World CleanTech Awards - 2021 Edition
Time Line: The Awards - 2022 Edition
Key Dates & Events
November 10, 2022

World CleanTech Awards -  Edition 2022 launch on the occasion of the 12th Dii Desert Energy Leadership Summit in Cairo, Egypt

until November 24, 2022
Submission of Nominations and Approval Process
December 10  - December 18, 2022
Jury Voting on the main World CleanTech Awards and WCA Distinction Recipients
January 15, 2023
Announcement of World CleanTech Awards Winners at The Awards Ceremony held on January 15, 2023 in Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers Hotel, UAE
Awards & Distinctions

World CleanTech Awards feature three Master Categories: 

  • ​Visionary CleanTech Influencers of The Year (Individuals)
  • Visionary CleanTech Businesses of The Year (Well-established Companies)

  • Visionary StartUPs of The Year

The Jury will honor with World CleanTech Awards two Visionary Individuals, one Well-established Company and one StartUp but it will also grant from 8 to 11 Distinctions in every Master Category. 

World CleanTech Awards - The Main Awards
WCA master categories.png
World CleanTech Awards - Distinctions
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Master Category: Visionary CleanTech Influencer of The Year
(for Visionary Individuals)
  • Visionary CleanTech Scientist

  • Visionary CleanTech Philanthropist (Solar Lights For Peace Distinction) 

  • Visionary CleanTech Investor 

  • Visionary CleanTech Policy Decision-Maker (Hans Josef-Fell Distinction)

  • Visionary CleanTech Disruptor (Tony Seba Distinction)

  • Visionary CleanTech Public Opinion Influencer 

  • Visionary CleanTech Educator (Mary O’Donnell Distinction)

  • Visionary CleanTech Student (Million Solar Stars Distinction)

  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp Investor (Prof. Eicke R. Weber Distinction)

  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp Founder (Dr Charlie Gay Distinction)

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Master Category: Visionary CleanTech Businesses of The Year 
(for Visionary Well-established Companies)
  • Visionary CleanTech Business & Technology Disruptor in Energy

  • Visionary CleanTech Business & Technology Disruptor in Transportation

  • Visionary CleanTech Business & Technology Disruptor in Other Disruptive Technologies

  • Visionary CleanTech Financial & Investment Institution

  • Visionary CleanTech Utility

  • Visionary CleanTech Energy Company

  • Visionary CleanTech Corporation

  • Visionary CleanTech R&D Institution

wca logo 2 gold frames.png
Master Category: Visionary CleanTech StartUp of The Year 
  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp in Energy

  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp in Transportation

  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp in Other Disruptive Technologies

  • Visionary CleanTech VC of the Year

  • Visionary CleanTech Incubator of the Year

awards & distinctions
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