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Build a Light, Give a Light, Bring Light and Peace!


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Solar Lights for Peace is a campaign to provide safe, clean light for emergency situations and to expand access to quality education. 

CBC teams up with the charity Million Solar Stars and Namene Solar to find backing to fund and deliver Namene Solar’s award-winning solar lights to provide emergency lighting for people who have experienced natural disasters or war, to improve opportunities for education, and to replace harmfully, polluting kerosene lamps for families living in energy poverty. 

Together we provide individuals, organisations, and corporations the opportunity to take immediate, scalable action to support simultaneously: stability, social justice, education, and clean energy through one, or a combination of our Solar Lights for Peace Emergency or Educational Kits. 

IMPORTANT: The final Solar Lights for Peace website is being finalised and will be online by the end of February 2023.

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